Center of Excellence

We provide free training and professional growth for defence sector personnel, create development opportunities for veterans, implement the NATO Lessons Learned approach, study, test, and validate defence technological solutions, and more

Mission and goals

Educational opportunities and professional growth

for Ukrainian Service Members and veterans

Capability development

of Ukraine to independently provide modern and effective military training to support NATO integration

We create

first Ukrainian Center of Excellence with training and professional opportunities for military personnel and veterans

We provide

high-quality training based on NATO standards and the experience of Ukrainian Army

We attract

leading Ukrainian and Western expertise

We deploy

a platform for R&D in the military sphere

Our training programs

Military Leadership and Planning
  • Military Decision Making Process;
  • Troop Leading Procedures;
  • Non-Commissioned Officer Training
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Multirotor UAVs
  • Use of civilian multirotor UAVs in military environment;
  • Use of DJI Matrice in military environment
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FPV — small attack UAVs
  • Fundamentals of using FPV drones for combat missions
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Fixed-Wing UAVs


  • Fundamentals of using fixed-wing UAVs in military environment
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Situational Awareness Systems
  • Basic Course on Situational Awareness and Battle;
  • Management Systems like  “Kropyva + FireFly”
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Topography and Land Navigation
  • Map Reading and Land Navigation. Basic Course
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Basics of Radio Communication 
  • Basics of Radio Communication
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Psychological Support
  • Classes on psycho-emotional recovery;
  • Individual consultations for combatants


Service Members trained


Units took our courses


Instructors and trainers involved


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Our partners

Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation

Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation is a Ukrainian charitable organization that specializes in helping the Defense Forces of Ukraine and victims of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Its main activities include purchasing and supplying vehicles, unmanned aerial systems, thermal vision devices, radio stations, equipment, and medications.

Zmin Foundation, NGO

Visionaries and initiators of the foundation are philanthropists who have the capacity, resources, and understanding of efficient and expert investments. The foundation analyzes and explores the sector and needs. It builds a model and strategy for activities, and reinforces initiatives in the form of grant support.


Astarta is a public European company, a vertically integrated agro-industrial holding in Ukraine, which conducts socially responsible business and produces food products with an orientation to global markets.

The International Renaissance Foundation

The International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) is one of the largest Ukrainian charitable foundations that has been developing an open society in Ukraine since 1990 where everybody has a sense of dignity, citizens are involved in the formation of the state, and the authorities are transparent and responsible. We work on the development of Ukraine in which human rights are securely protected and positive changes work for the benefit of the citizens. The foundation was founded by the philanthropist George Soros and is part of the Open Society Foundations international network.


Uklon is a Ukrainian product IT company, the developer of the online car-hailing service of the same name, which operates in 27 cities and unites tens of thousands of drivers who together make more than 2 million trips per month.

box express market

“box” is a young and vibrant network of stylish markets near your home. The box network is only a few years old; its first market was opened in 2020.

Today, the box network has more than 70 markets located in Kyiv and the Kyiv region.


Escobar coffee roasters is a full-cycle company that roasts beans, brings out new flavors, delivers coffee to your home, and teaches you how to properly prepare and understand this product.


“MNS INVESTMENT” LLC is an enterprise, the exclusive representative of Italian brands in Ukraine. On the clothing retail market since 2014.

Imperia Holding

Imperia Holding is a leading national distributor of FMCG goods on the Ukrainian market. For over 20 years, Imperia Holding has entered Ukraine’s top NON-FOOD FMCG distribution companies. It has built strong partnerships with dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of suppliers from all over the world. Today, the company unites the following central departments and businesses: import and national distribution, logistics, retail and e-commerce, own production, and merchandising.

Aerorozvidka, NGO

Aerorozvidka is a team that promotes creating and implementing netcentric and robotic military capabilities for the Ukrainian Security and Defense Forces. The activities of Aerorozvidka NGO include the development, testing and implementation of automated control solutions, in particular the military situational awareness system “Delta”; design and use of multirotor unmanned aerial vehicles; promoting the reform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine; cooperation with state authorities on security and defense sector capability development, etc.

Army of Drones

Army of Drones is a comprehensive program of the UNITED24 platform, Ministry of Digital Transformation, General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and State Special Communications Service. The project includes systemic acquisition of drones, repair and prompt replacement of UAVs, as well as an operator training course.


Yappi Corporate is the only specialised school of corporate English. Online and offline classes. For 17 years, the company has been helping large and small businesses overcome language barriers.