Center of excellence

we conduct free training for military personel who will soon be deployed to places of hostilities

Mission and goals


of Ukraine in the current war with Russia

Capacity development

of Ukraine to independently provide modern and effective military training

We create

Center of excellence and training of military personnel (Center of Excellence)

We provide

high-quality training of troops guided by NATO standards and the combat experience of the Ukrainian army

We attract

Leading Ukrainian and Western expertise

We deploy

a platform for R&D in the military sphere

Our directions and training programs

Military Command and Planning
  • Military Decision Making Process
  • Troop Leading Procedures
  • Non-commissioned Officer Leadership
Multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Use of civilian multirotor UAVs in military environment
  • Use of DJI Matrice 300 in military environment
Aircraft-type UAVs
  • Fundamentals of using aircraft-type UAVs in military environment
Military communication
  • Basics of Military Communication
  • Operator of radio monitoring systems of communication networks
Battle Control Systems
  • Basic Course on the Battel Control Systems “Kropyva” + “FireFly”
Psychological help
  • First psychological aid
Topography and Land Navigation
  • Military Topography. Basic Course
Combat training
  • Immersive multimedia systems of combat training


Trained cadets


Subdivisions have been prepared


Instructors at school


Training programs

We need your support

To support

Our partners

Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation

Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation is a Ukrainian charitable organization that specializes in helping the Defense Forces of Ukraine and victims of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Its main activities include purchasing and supplying vehicles, unmanned aerial systems, thermal vision devices, radio stations, equipment, and medications.

Army of Drones

Army of Drones is a comprehensive program of the UNITED24 platform, Ministry of Digital Transformation, General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and State Special Communications Service. The project includes systemic acquisition of drones, repair and prompt replacement of UAVs, as well as an operator training course.

UAID Charitable Foundation

The most important function of the UAID Foundation is to provide direct assistance to the Military in order to strengthen them as they fight against Russian military aggression. The fund is engaged in the search and acquisition of protective and technical equipment, medical aid and vehicles for various functions. Increasing the overall awareness about the Russian military aggression, the foundation also organizes educational and artistic events.

Zmin Foundation, NGO

Visionaries and initiators of the foundation are philanthropists who have the capacity, resources, and understanding of efficient and expert investments. The foundation analyzes and explores the sector and needs. It builds a model and strategy for activities, and reinforces initiatives in the form of grant support.

Aerorozvidka, NGO

Aerorozvidka is a team that promotes creating and implementing netcentric and robotic military capabilities for the Ukrainian Security and Defense Forces. The activities of Aerorozvidka NGO include the development, testing and implementation of automated control solutions, in particular the military situational awareness system “Delta”; design and use of multirotor unmanned aerial vehicles; promoting the reform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine; cooperation with state authorities on security and defense sector capability development, etc.

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