Military Leadership and Planning

Training Program in Military Leadership and Planning provides training for commanders, officers and non-commissioned officers of military units in accordance with modern standards adopted in NATO member countries, at the same time adjusting them to Ukrainian standards and to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We work with units of all levels to include company tactical groups, battalions, battalion tactical groups, regiments, and brigades.

The Program consists of three training courses which are conducted simultaneously for one unit, encompassing the entire chain of command, and building the cohesion of commanders at all levels. Rehearsing a joint training combat scenario allows to prepare officers and sergeants of the unit for coordinated work as one team while planning and executing combat missions. If required, all courses may be conducted separately for different units. 

Not only have our instructors acquired theoretical knowledge during training in Ukrainian and foreign military educational institutions and training centers, but they also have combat experience and the experience of working along with international partners when participating in and conducting multinational exercises.

We work with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, and the Territorial Defense. Apart from that we work with international units within the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as within the Special Operations Forces. Before training starts, the school conducts a training planning session with representatives of the unit, who are responsible for combat training. For maximum efficiency, each course is conducted in accordance with the request of the unit command and considers the typical tasks performed by the unit, as well as its task organization. 

Military Leadership and Planning courses:

  • Military Decision Making Process
  • Troop Leading Procedures
  • Non-Commissioned Officer Leadership

Military Leadership and Planning

Training programs

Military Decision Making Process and Planning
12-14 days

Duration of training programs


The course is designed for commanders, chiefs of staff, deputies chief of staff and all officers and sergeants in the unit staff (based on the S-structure in the armies of NATO countries): intelligence and operations officers, unit sustainment officers (technical, materiel, medical), engineers, fire support officers, air defense officers, signal officers, representatives of civil-military cooperation and all sergeants from the staff.

The course is designed to increase the efficiency of the process of planning and conducting combat operations by the unit, to improve the procedures of unit command and coordination of available forces and means, considering the risks, situation, own capabilities, and possible enemy’s courses of action. 

During theoretical and practical classes (working on maps and terrain models, conducting briefings, developing documents), the Soldiers master seven practical steps that can be adapted to existing conditions and time limits. The steps are as follows:

  • Receiving/identifying a combat mission, including bringing the staff to readiness and preparing a warning order.
  • Analyzing the combat mission, considering possible external and internal factors (situation, environment and area of operations, potential threats, enemy forces and assets, available capabilities of the unit, etc.).
  • Developing courses of action.
  • Analyzing the courses of action, including war game which means simulation of the military operation.
  • Discussing possible, most probable and dangerous enemy’s courses of action and discussing friendly courses of action.
  • Approving the course of action by the commander taking into account the developed recommendations of the unit staff.
  • Preparing and issuing the orders, proceeding to execution of the mission. 

Standard duration of the course is 12 days. 

Troop Leading Procedures
10 days

Duration of training programs


The course is designed for company commanders and platoon leaders. At certain stages of the course, first sergeants of the company and platoon sergeants get involved. 

The purpose of the course is to increase the efficiency of leading, as well as planning and execution of tasks by units at the company level and below in accordance with the orders and instructions of commanders of higher echelons. 

This course provides company commanders and platoon leaders with practical methods of planning and preparing for battle under time constraints and is aimed at significantly increasing the effectiveness of units’ performance during mission execution. This makes it possible, with the same firepower as the enemy, and sometimes even with less firepower, to gain a superiority in a battle, using the intellectual and organizational potential of the Ukrainian warriors – officers, sergeants, and soldiers.

The course teaches commanders to make decisions during the execution of combat tasks, while considering the evaluation criteria of the enemy forces, friendly forces, terrain, situation, as well as the timeline for mission execution.

Standard duration of the course is 10 days.

Non-commissioned Officer Leadership
21 days

Duration of the training program


The goal: to develop the leadership potential of sergeants, to improve the effectiveness of the processes of managing the actions of small units at the level of departments and platoons, to establish effective communication and interaction of sergeants with subordinate personnel and commanders at the highest levels of unit management.

The course is designed to give students a clear understanding of the principles of building an auxiliary vertical of unit management thanks to the correct involvement of non-commissioned officers, delegation and division of duties. The ability of department commanders and sergeants-in-chief to build the teamwork of subordinate servicemen, to inform the personnel of their unit and to carry out an analysis of the actions taken, significantly increases the level of efficiency and coordination during the execution of combat missions.

Standard duration of the course is 21 days.

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