Topography and Land Navigation

Topography and Land Navigation is one of the fundamental areas of training for Soldiers of all branches and types of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as representatives of other defense agencies and organizations. We teach soldiers, sergeants, and officers of all ranks how to: 1) read a topographical map and a terrain; 2) understand the terrain and its features; 3) navigate the terrain, determine exact coordinates, work with them in different systems; 4) plan actions on the map, develop a scheme of movement; 5) measure distances and sizes of objects; 6) use the “Kropyva” situational awareness system. 


A deep understanding of the basics of military topography enables unit commanders and subordinate military personnel to more effectively plan and execute defensive and offensive operations taking into account the features of the environment, identify and engage targets with greater accuracy, send coordinates and data important for decision-making by commanders at all levels, and coordinate the work of their forces and equipment.

Topography and Land Navigation

Training programs

Military Topography. Basic Course
5 days

Duration of training programs


Basic Course is universal and relevant course for servicemen of all land forces units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as for servicemen of other agencies and organizations of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. 

The main goal of the course is to teach trainees to read and understand any combat graphic document, as well as to:

  • conduct reconnaissance of the terrain, understand its features, which can be used during the battle;
  • develop a movement route;
  • navigate the terrain under any conditions (night, fog, with or without gadgets, maps, etc.);
  • determine the distance, linear dimensions and direction to the target under different conditions and using different methods;
  • make quick and correct target indication and coordinates corrections and be able to work with basic coordinate systems, different measures of angles, different units of measurement of distance, area, etc.;
  • understand the principles of transmission of topographical data;
  • know the main online and offline applications for obtaining topographical information (navigators, navigation programs);
  • work effectively with the “Kropyva” situational awareness system and optical devices. 

The training program involves mastering of theoretical knowledge of military topography, active work with maps throughout the course, and practical exercise at the training area. 

The standard duration of the course is 5 days.