Fixed-Wing UAVs

Fixed-wing UAVs is one of the most requested training programs for aerial reconnaissance units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other defense institutions. We teach how to use fixed-Wing UAVs of Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers for reconnaissance and targets acquisition, aiming and adjusting artillery fire, ensuring situational awareness of units’ intelligence, as well as for hitting protected and hard-to-reach high-priority individual targets.


The goal of the program is to create a professional training platform for the Ukrainian Military universal crews of trained external pilots and operators of ground control stations for fixed-wing and VTOL UAVs. This training aims at assisting and reinforcing the existing state training centers while keeping up with state-of-the art defense solutions and technologies. 


Training takes place according to a standardized program lasting 3 weeks (15 working days). The training is conducted using an average Fixed-Wing UAV, utilizing ArduPilot and Mission Planner.


A successful certified cadet-graduate is considered “80% prepared” and is eligible to undergo training as part of the crew from the TC or the manufacturer for his specific model of UAS.

Fixed-Wing UAVs

Training programs

Fundamentals of using fixed-wing UAVs in military environments
15 days

Duration of training programs


The course is designed for Officers, NCOs, and other Service Members of the interested units and organizations in the Ukrainian Defense sector. The course if offered to both individual participants and groups – crews, staffs, situational centers, etc. 

The program of instruction covers five stages of air reconnaissance crew training:

  • providing general theoretical knowledge regarding fixed-wing UAVs, piloting, operator’s work, factors affecting the flight, etc.;
  • training flights on simulators and training systems;
  • practical piloting and operator’s activity using simplified models;
  • practical piloting and operator’s activity using fixed-wing UAVs and VTOL UAVs;
  • theory exam, piloting exam, operator’s activity exam. 

The versatility of the training program allows graduates to acquire most important basic knowledge, skills, and abilities that will allow them to undergo additional training in the shortest possible time for the transition to piloting any type of aircraft-type UAV of Ukrainian or foreign manufacturers.

Standard duration of the course is 15 working days (3 weeks).


  • Crew of 2 people (we recommend sending 2 crews from the unit);
  • Laptop on Windows and tablet on Android;
  • English language at least A2 level, preferably higher;
  • Availability of own Fixed-Wing UAV (or the possibility to confirm the agreement to receive UAS for obtaining the Certificate);
  • Previous experience in operating UAVs of the copter type.
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