Aircraft-type UAVs

Aircraft-type UAVs is one of the most relevant areas of training of aerial reconnaissance units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other defense institutions. We teach how to use “wings” of Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers for reconnaissance and looking for targets, aiming and adjusting the fire of artillery units, ensuring situational awareness of unit intelligence staffs, as well as for hitting protected and hard-to-reach high-priority individual targets.

The goal of the program is to create an additional source of supplying the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with universal crews of trained external pilots and operators of ground control stations for controlling aircraft-type and VTOL UAVs, which will additionally reduce the burden on the existing training centers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Aircraft-type UAVs

Training programs

Fundamentals of using aircraft-type UAVs in military environment
14+ days

Duration of training programs


The course is designed for officers and sergeants, soldiers, servicemen of the directly interested units (mortar and gun crews, rocket artillery and rocket troops), company reconnaissance, battalion reconnaissance, brigade artillery groups, reconnaissance staffs, separate air reconnaissance units, situational centers, etc.

The training program of the course covers five stages of training air reconnaissance crews:

  • providing general theoretical knowledge regarding aircraft-type UAVs, piloting, operator’s work, factors affecting the flight, etc.;
  • training flights on simulators and training systems;
  • practical piloting and operator’s activity on simplified models;
  • practical piloting and operator’s activity on aircraft-type UAVs and VTOL UAVs;
  • theory exam, piloting exam, operator’s activity exam. 

The versatility of the training program allows graduates to acquire most important basic knowledge, skills, and abilities, that will allow them to undergo additional training in the shortest possible time for the transition to piloting any type of aircraft-type UAV of Ukrainian or foreign manufacturers.

Standard duration of the course is 14 days or more.

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