Situational Awareness Systems

Situational Awareness Systems is a training program that helps attendees master software for 1) collecting, processing, and displaying information about enemy forces, 2) offline or online coordination of defense forces, and 3) providing situational awareness. Such systems increase the effectiveness of command and control in units, as well as enhance their overall performance. We teach the use of the most common automated control systems in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including Kropyva, FireFly, Delta, Terminal and others.

Cooperating with software developers, the school monitors updates and implements them into training programs. We also act as a platform for developers to test new software.


Situational Awareness Systems

Training programs

Basic Course on the Battel Control Systems “Kropyva” + “FireFly”
1 day

Duration of training programs


This is a short intensive course that teaches how to install, work with the functions, and practically apply the “Kropyva” situational awareness system, as well as “FireFly” when using UAVs for the purposes of aerial reconnaissance and adjusting artillery fire. 

The course is especially relevant for military personnel of the tactical level command of land forces units, for artillery units of the Armed Forces and the National Guard of Ukraine, as well as for all those who use “Kropyva” while executing their assigned tasks. 

The Program includes: 

  • providing access to detailed map information in offline mode, without access to external communication networks; 
  • plotting the combat situation and intelligence data on the enemy’s targets on the terrain map; 
  • carrying out calculations for firing systems used by artillery units; 
  • carrying out survey calculations, including indicators of the satellite navigation system and/or other surveying instruments, etc.

The “Kropyva” System is a software product of the Army SOS, which is designed for planning, calculations, and positioning, increasing the effectiveness of artillery fire.

This is a one-day course, and the basics of using the “Kropyva” system are integrated into the basic course called “Military Topography” and the course “Use of Civilian Multirotor UAVs in Military Environment”.