Basics of Radio Communication 

Radio Communication is a training program which teaches to 1) work with technical means of radio communication and radio monitoring, 2) organize communication in the unit, 3) ensure the security of information exchange, 4) set up and maintain the work of radio monitoring posts of the enemy’s communication networks, minimizing risks for the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

We train communication specialists and radio monitoring operators to independently deploy communication systems of various command levels, organize and ensure the operation of radio monitoring posts, and eliminate problems that appear when deploying these systems. The main principle of working with radio equipment and technical means of communication and network monitoring is strict adherence to safety rules by soldiers when they perform the tasks. We teach trainees to  reduce the risks of enemy identifying friendly positions by understanding the principles of signal intelligence and electronic warfare, as well as the basics of safe organization of communication in units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Basics of Radio Communication 

Training programs

Basics of Military Communication
12 days

Duration of training programs


The course is designed for communication specialists at various levels in units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other agencies and organizations of the security and defense system, as well as for representatives of other military specialties who perform radio communication settings.

The course is intensive and technically oriented. Theoretical and practical classes are structured in such a way that from the basic topics which include the basics of radio physics, an overview of material and technical equipment and software, you can quickly move on to the organization of communication, the manufacture of antenna-feeder devices, the configuration and encryption of radio stations, the use of the entire functional spectrum of radio repeaters, as well as conducting interception of analog and digital talks of the enemy using an SDR receiver.

The practical skills that trainees acquire during the course include: 1) actions in the event of a lack of communication, 2) creating means of communication using improvised materials, 3) increasing the range of communication, 4) ensuring the secrecy of radio communications and hiding communication from the enemy.

The course ends with an exam consisting of theoretical tasks and practical exercises, conducted at the training area.

The standard duration of the course is 12 days.

Basic Training (Communication)
4 hours

Duration of training programs


This course is universal and relevant for servicemen from all ground units of the Armed Forces, as well as servicemen from other branches of the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

The program includes:

  • Basics of radio physics
  • Power supply features of the radio station in field conditions
  • Antenna design and principles of their operation
  • Usage of remote antennas
  • Common mistakes when using a radio station
  • Radio communications operation in electronic communications conditions
  • Radio broadcast hygiene

Venue: School premises or off-site location.

Number of seats in the group: 30-50.

The course duration is 4 hours.